Friday, May 28, 2010

cooking channel

I hope that by now you have heard the fantastic news about Cooking Channel. This sister channel to the Food Network will offer a fantastic lineup of cooking shows that actually teach you how to cook. This channel will be bringing back the classics like Julia Child and Graham Kerr in addition to new talented chefs/hosts from all over the world. Check out the full lineup here. I will definitely be watching and I'm most looking forward to Laura Calder's French Food Made Easy and Rachel Allen's Bake!

The channel launches at 7am on Memorial Day and it's replacing FLN (Fine Living Network). Check your listings and have a lovely holiday weekend!


Lovell Family said...

I've been wondering why the food network doesn't have a baking show...I'll be watching for that one!

lifeinredshoes said...

I was thrilled when flipping through the channels I found this!
The Food network has changed and not in a good way:( But this one brings back the shows I miss.

P.S. I love the 2 Fat Ladies Cook.