Monday, August 16, 2010

it's me again

Well "hello" my long lost food blog. I've stepped away from the blogosphere this summer to tackle a few time-consuming projects, but I'm back on the bandwagon. There is so much that I would like to document and catch up on, so bear with me.

Hopefully everyone has heard of The Cooking Channel by now and has given it a bit of a chance. It's a new sister network to Food Network and there are some really great shows in the lineup. You will notice that it has a slightly different vibe than Food Network but in a very good way. This summer I had a fantastic opportunity to host a show with Adam Gertler and Sunny Anderson. After every NFNS Star episode we would dish about what happened on the "NFNS After Party." We had a blast getting to know the finalists a bit better and what really happened during each episode. I loved chatting with people who had been through the same thing that I went through on the show. It brought back a lot of memories (both good and bad!) and once again made me appreciate the experience that I had on the show.
Throughout the After Party experience I made a delicious (no, I'm serious it's actually amazing) Tuna Casserole for Brianna to try after her disastrous run in with the dish on the show, I enjoyed Bacon Doughnuts made by Aria which were borderline sinful, and I had a fantastic Seafood Couscous that Serena made. Yum. I really enjoyed working with Sunny and Adam. Sunny's show Cooking for Real continues to be a huge success and she's also a great blogger. Adam's new show Kid in a Candy Shop is also awesome and my fingers are crossed that there will be many more episodes. Lastly, although it hasn't been officially announced I guess I can say what was said on After Party, I am indeed hosting my own show this upcoming October on Cooking Channel. I can't wait to share details about the incredible experience I had filming the show, but for now I'll keep my lips zipped.

I hope you were able to catch an episode or two. If not, there a few clips on Food Network's YouTube page.
Last two photos courtesy of Ms. Sunny Anderson


Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Yay!!! So excited you will have a show on The Cooking Channel - which is of course one of my favorites :)

Gloria said...

I can't wait for your new show!!!! It's about time!

And I hope Brad gets one someday too.

Kathryn said...

Hip hip hooray!!

Three cheers for you. :)

G-bird said...

Wahoo! Can't wait to view it. I wondered where you went. You are one of my favorite Food Network Stars! Still loving your recipes from your Thanksgiving Point cooking class!Rock on!

Angie said...

I'm glad you're back!