Thursday, December 3, 2009

yum sugar: cookies

I had a great time working on a cookie project for Yum Sugar. My mission was to come up with a versatile cookie dough that could be transformed into all sorts of holiday cookies. Having a go-to basic butter cookie dough for the holidays can be a huge time saver when your baking is in full swing (along with everything else!). This butter cookie dough recipe can be transformed into a variety of sweet treats for special occasions, gifts, and holiday traditions. With a few tweaks to the basic recipe, you will have an assortment of cookies that taste nothing like one another. It’s also easy to improvise your own creations. Adding a little bit of this or eliminating a little bit of that works perfectly with this recipe. Go here for all of the festive recipes.

Basic Butter Cookie Dough transforms into:
*Apricot Almond Thumbprints
*Cinnamon Sugar Drop Cookies
*Chocolate Coconut Butter Balls
*Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Cookies
*Peppermint Sugar Spritz Cookies


Chelsea said...

Wow...I didn't even know a recipe like this existed! I must not be a very good foodie! Anyway, great recipes, can't wait to make them!

Michele said...

I just made the cinnamon sugar variation, and they're oh-my-god good! This will definitely be my new go-to cookie recipe.

daisy161019 said...

How can I get the different recipes from the main recipe? I was looking and didn't know if you had posted them anywhere.