Wednesday, December 2, 2009

what a week

I'm so thrilled that December has finally rolled around. Like so many, it truly is my favorite time of the year. If only December could be 60 days instead of 31...As much as I enjoy the holidays, there just never seems to be enough time to enjoy them to their fullest. I already feel behind and it's only December 2nd!The family was in town last week and we enjoyed an amazing parade view from Robby's office followed by Thanksgiving dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the city. (GASP!) No, I did not cook Thanksgiving dinner this year and I still feel bad about it. It's like I've committed a sin as a food lover! My family had already celebrated a homemade Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks earlier and we wanted to take advantage of every minute they had in the city. It also didn't seem very logistical when we don't own a table to eat our Thanksgiving dinner at. Oh well. I was sure that there would have been some unique novelty-like feeling about eating out on the most beloved food holiday of the year. I'm glad that we did it once, but let's just say that I've already been dreaming about what our Thanksgiving table will look like in 2010. Hopefully we'll own a table by then. (and have somewhere to put it!)I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and that your turkey's were moist, mashed potatoes were fluffy, and pie crusts were flaky and golden brown. I did manage to make the cranberry salad that we snacked on throughout their stay. To kick off December, I want to post a few gifts ideas that I think would be perfect for those food lovers that you love most.I can't get over how great these food notepads are. The packaging that these babies come in really seals the deal. Originally I found these for $41.00 each! Thanks to Kelli's tip, find them here for only $2.17 a piece. Merry Christmas to me!How much fun would the grocery store be when you've jotted your items down in this good looking notepad. Each list is perforated so you can rip it right off without those ragged edges.Messy eaters in your house? A napkin has never looked so good tucked into the collar of your shirt. Currently sold out...these would be an easy project to make on your own.
That's all for today...but stay tuned this week. I'll be posting some easy holiday recipes, homemade food gift ideas and ideas for decorating your Christmas tree with goodies that come from your kitchen.


Kelli said...

I didn't see the pears, but you can find the apple notepad here for only $2.17 -

And, my family was a big fan of these (similar to the tie napkin, in my mind) -

VintageMixer said...

The shopping cart notebook is super fun!

Kelsey Nixon said...

Thank you Thank you Kelli!
I'll probably go back and edit the post. They are already ordered.

jen said...

i love those notebooks! they're on my list now too.

Julie E. said...

Where do find such cute things??!!

LOVE the shopping cart notebook. I need it.

Love the apple notepad... I'm thinking teacher gifts. Too bad they won't ship until after Jan. 1st.

Love the napkins with ties.... that will be the perfect gift for my dad who spill everything on the front of his shirt. I really think I'll make him some cloth ones.