Friday, January 30, 2009

lucky me

I frequent the grocery store quite often and rarely leave thinking, "lucky me!" Well folks...I skipped out of Sunflower Market on Tuesday grinning from ear to ear. Why? Bing Cherries are .99 per lb. in JANUARY!

I happen to really like cherries...for goodness sake I was raised in a city that celebrates Cherry Days! These bite sized beauties graced the table at my wedding dinner (if only they would have been .99 in JULY) and seem to be my signature fruit.
My second stroke of good luck came from my sweet new friend Veronica. Veronica did an internship with me this month and learned all about my so called crazy "job(s)." On Wednesday she thanked me with an incredible gift...a first edition Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook. You can imagine my delight as I flipped through the pages skimming recipes like an Olive Surprise Loaf and a Garden Relish Mold. It's such a shame that you don't see more recipes this day in age that include the words "surprise" and "mold."

Thanks Veronica!
I absolutely love the book!

p.s. Happy 100th post


Mrs. D said...

I LOVE cherries! They are especially delightful in the dead of winter... sort of remind me of summertime. Thanks for the tip, I went out immediately yesterday and got some at Sunflower (along with some 3 of $1 avocados!). My husband introduced me to your blog since he was in the broadcasting program last year (and was working at the Daily News when you got your big break with FN reality TV) and I am sure glad he did! I love the pics and the recipes!!