Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Happy Halloween foodie folks! I picked up this pumpkin gem at the beautiful Bouchon Bakery last time I was in New York. It was so precious that I couldn't bring myself to eat it...I carried it on the plane, carried it home, admired it for 3 more days as if it were a decoration in my kitchen, and finally took some photos to document just how proud I was of my Halloween food find.
Do yourself a favor and fill this spooky holiday with lots and lots of sweets. (I plan to indulge in a bite sized something every hour on the hour)


Chelsie said...

mmm kels that looks delish, i have bookmarked your butterbeer and am really excited to try it, love ya

Brian and Niki said...

I understand the concept of "it's too pretty to eat". Every time I go to Hawaii I get my favorite Chocolate Haupia pie from Ted's Bakery on the North Shore. I carry it lovingly on my lap on the plane ride home and then just stare at it in my fridge for a couple of days before I'm willing to cut in to it! Love your blogs. My cousin Kimmy Harman linked me to them!