Thursday, November 6, 2008

another blog to read

Bless all of you who continue to check back and read this blog every now and then. I've been neglecting this blog and this one, because I have been dedicating my time to this one. That's right people, the girl who can't handle one blog has 4!

If you enjoy food and all things that involve food, please check out my newest venture with Cafe Zupas. We rallied up the best local food bloggers we could find and all of us contribute to a central blog supported by Cafe Zupas. My role is to document what is going on in their test kitchen. The content is great and highlights 4 amazing foodies that have great recipes & ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Im 10 years old and wached you on "The Next Food Network Star." You are so great.

Denice said...

When is the F2 website going to be up and running?

Teri's Blog said...

I just ate a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MOLTEN CAKE at Chili's. It was very good! How do you create something like that?
p.s. How are you?

Ashley said...


You don't know me but I'm a fellow Provonian. I read about you in Utah Valley Magazine and what a darling girl you are! I'm jealous you're such a good cook. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two from you. Best of luck with your cooking future! I hope all goes well for you.

Ashley (