Monday, August 18, 2008

hold it

You know that drawer that holds all of your utensils...the one you usually can't open because the spatula is wedged in there the wrong way. is my solution, utensil holders. No drawers, no mess, prime organization. I like this one so much that I may just have to splurge.


Betsy said...

Is this post just for me? :) I'm sure my utensil drawer that rarely opens on the first try had no influence on this decision. . . You're such a good sport to even attempt cooking in my kitchen. :)

Alison said...

i'm really glad your blog is back. I'm really glad you are back. and i'm really proud of you! Love yoU!

Kelly said...

Very timely post- my Mom asked me no less than 37 times if I wanted a untensil holder of some sort while she was here a couple weeks ago! :) I haven't gotten one yet, but I really should. This one IS darling!