Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been filling my schedule up with private events lately. This weekend I had wonderful help from my significant other (robby) and sister (kylie) as we pulled off a lovely summer fare dinner party for 40. Kylie was also the token photographer for the event (see pictures here). She'd love to take your picture and she's very good at it. I was so pleased with the way things turned out.

*shameless plug warning*
If you're interested in hosting a cooking class for friends, a private party, or would enjoy a customized class in your own home, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to cook for

photos: kylie my sister


Julie E. said...

That food looks fabulous! YUMMY! I would absolutely love to have you come and cook for me - I even have brand new appliances now : ). We'll have to get you and Robby out here again sometime.

KmS said...

I would love to have you come and teach me how to cook, maybe cater a party....I just need to get a life and some more friends so I can throw something together! =) I'm terrible at throwing parties.

Do you do private lessons?

Kelsey Nixon said...

Yes! I do lots of private lessons. I usually customize the lessons to whatever the client is looking for. Most times it's coming up with a few quick recipes to make on weeknights to reinvent the same old same old. Just drop me an email if you'd like more details!

Betsy said...

Kelsey, it turned out gorgeous! It was fun for me to be on the flip side -- watching you try and organize this -- and then to see these great pictures. Love that Kylie! So glad it went well.

Chelsie said...

that food looks amazing kels! now that you're in utah county i'm just going to tell myself that you're getting your corn from my families stands down there right?! :-)