Tuesday, April 1, 2008



Network Announces Season 4 Finalists On
“The Next Food Network Star”
Iron Chef Flay Joins Selection Committee As Permanent Celebrity Judge
Series Premiere Set For Sunday, June 1st at 10pm ET/PT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Television’s most challenging food fight, The Next Food Network Star, returns this June for a fourth season filled with star-studded appearances and culinary challenges sure to test the boundaries of any palette. Premiering Sunday, June 1st at 10pm ET/PT, the series offers viewers a cast like never before – filled with 10 contestants eagerly vying to be the next face of Food Network. From a stand-up comedian, to a cookbook author and a self proclaimed “Mini Martha Stewart” – the contestants are sure to introduce a new flavor to the line-up. The names of the finalists were announced today by Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production for Food Network.

“Last season’s show was our network’s highest-rated, most-watched series ever and we look forward to keeping that bar raised and the level of competition high,” said Tuschman. "This season's finalists are our most skilled ever, and we put them through the toughest challenges we could devise. We guarantee viewers an incredibly compelling and entertaining series."

The 10 finalists include:
Nipa Bhatt, 35 (Victoria, MN) Marketing manager
Jennifer Cochrane, 32 (Woonsocket, RI) Executive Chef, Geppetto’s and Briggs Corner restaurants
Lisa Garza, 32 (Dallas, TX) Owner, Suze Restaurant and kitchenwear fashion designer
Adam Gertler, 30 (Philadelphia, PA) Former restaurateur, server and actor
Cory Kahaney, 45 (New York, NY) Stand-up comic and playwright
Shane Lyons, 20 (Colorado Springs, CO) Private chef
Aaron McCargo Jr., 36 (Camden, NJ) Executive Catering Chef, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Kelsey Nixon, 23 (North Ogden, UT) Freelance food writer, culinary class instructor
Kevin Roberts, 39 (San Diego, CA) Radio contributor, restaurant owner & cookbook author
Jeffrey Vaden, 43 (White Plains, NY) Caterer and former restaurateur

The Next Food Network Star follows Food Network’s nation-wide search for its newest on-air talent. The finalists, ranging from professionals to amateurs, compete in a series of difficult challenges that test their knowledge, skills and personalities. The ultimate winner will star in his-or-her own six-episode series on Food Network. This season, Food Network chef Bobby Flay joins the selection committee as a permanent celebrity judge. With appearances from other Food Network stars and other special guests, the new season of The Next Food Network Star is set to be the most intense one yet! The Next Food Network Star is produced by CBS EYE too Productions.


kylie said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!

US Weekly... here you come.

vest said...

Sweet cherry pie!!! that is awesome kels! we'll be watching and cheering for ya!!! good luck miss martha!!! love ya!
Sara (storey) Vest

Kelly said...

YEA!! Finally, it's out! :) I'm assuming your the "self proclaimed mini-Martha Stewart." Love it! Looks like quite the competition you had there- with all these restaurant owners and cookbook writers, WOW! I can't wait for June 1!

by the way, we got cable again this week and I made sure we have The Food Network just so we can watch you. :)

Julie E. said...

YIPPEE!! Such great news Kelsey : ). (I'm loving your blog!)

The Durrant Fam said...

Hey..this is Carly (Anger) Durrant. I'm so excited for you, Kels. Literally....love Food Network so much. I always knew you'd be a big star! Good luck. We'll have the whole fam watching you, that's for sure!

Emmie-Lew said...

A BIG ole' YA-HOOOO!! from Texas! We are THRILLED for you, Kelsey! Most of Boerne will know by the end of tomorrow to be looking out for you! Love Ya! -Em

Egan Family Christmas 2007 said...

Yipee!! Let the games begin!! We are so excited and just hoping that we can be a part of the fun from Cape Town!! We love your blog....and you!!

ekbetsy said...

Kelsey - I'm not sure if you remember me but we took Advanced Food Prep together at BYU. A friend told me you're going to be on The Next Food Network Star and I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I'll be watching and biting my nails for you! Not acutally, since I don't really bite my nails, but it's the thought that counts, right? GOOD LUCK! Show 'em some Cougar spirit!