Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cupcakes take the cake

This weeks cupcake fascination led me to these little gems
cupcakes take the cake
cupcake bakeshop

Also, check out Martha's cupcake of the day today. Very impressive. These may grace my table at a picnic this upcoming summer.


Julie E. said...

OK... those are the coolest cupcakes! I've been browsing lots of cupcake websites this week trying to decide what to make for a teacher lunch tomorrow. So many yummy options! (Next time you're here we'll have to try Sprinkles bakery).

Chelsie said...

Those cupcakes are awesome! I might have to bash your picnic! ;-) I'm so excited about the show this summer!!! Brandon told me about a month ago that he wanted to downgrade to just basic cable come summer....but I told him we couldn't so I could watch the show!! Needless to say, I won that battle! Call me or email me my dear so we can figure out a time to get together