Thursday, August 2, 2007

HSN...Here I come.

In addition to just posting information about culinary school on this blog...I've decided to start posting about the other things that are "cooking" in my life. I'm making my first appearance on the Home Shopping Network August 2nd and 3rd. I'll be selling a "Versatility Slow Cooker," and an "Egg and Muffin Toaster." I love both of these products and I'm really looking forward to more national exposure. If you'd like to tune in (or even call in!) I'll be on Thursday, Augst 2nd @ 10:28 pm and Friday, August 3rd @ 11:20 pm. The times are an estimate and may not be exact. It will then be my mission for ten minutes to convince America that they can't live without these two items. I'm forewarning everybody that this will most likely be "Cheesy Kelsey."

For another quick update...I'm still really enjoying school and plan to post a bunch of recipes within the next few days. I'm almost through with my second term and then move on to baking and pastries (YAY!). I'm already anticipating a 5-10 lb. weight gain. I can't believe that after next week I will be half way through my culinary program. Things have really flown. I'm currently in the process of deciding where to go post graduation. A lot of factors will play into what happens, but most recently, I've been thinking...New York. Maybe another job at Martha Stewart Living, or maybe even a producing job at Food Network. We'll see what happens...a lot can happen in just a few short months.

Links to HSN video:
(Click on Versatility Cooker)

(Click on Egg and Muffin Toaster (3/4 way through video streaming)


Laurin West said...

Kelsey, Hey this is Laurin Miller. I found your blog through Chelsie's blog. I was so excited when I saw you on here. You are one of the greatest people I know. You have done so many awesome things in your life. Congrats on going to culinary school that is great for you. Good luck!

krys said...

Kelsey! This is Krystal Rogers! i saw your link of of sara storey's blog! This is so cool! i had no idea that this is what you were doing! I heard you have been all over from martha stewart and back! Way to go girl! you are an inspiration to me! Keep it up and i'm excited to try some of your recipes! I'm sure they won't look quite like yours but hey i'm just a beginner! :) Good luck with school!