Thursday, October 25, 2007

Attempting to more time.

Well folks, as much as I love reading others' blogs, I'm just not very good at maintaining my own. I'm making a vow to all of you bloggers out there to do better. So here goes nothing.

I've posted a few of my latest creations from culinary school. I'm finishing my final term in the professional kitchen. Current creations include frois grais, rabbit, squab, and authentic Asian cuisine. Each day I go to school, I leave with a deeper appreciation for the culinary arts. I never realized that food could be so beautiful. These last two weeks I'll be working on my personal 12 course tasting menu. It's what some would consider my "final" for school.

Once I complete this term (Nov.12), I'm heading back to Utah to complete my externship for culinary school and begin a new job. For my externship I'll be doing food editorial work for the Salt Lake Tribune writing cookbook reviews, cross testing recipes, and filming several "how to" segments for their on-line web page. I'll also be starting a job with Sur La Table. My official title is "assistant culinary director." This means that I'll be teaching culinary classes, hosting private parties, and developing recreational curriculum for their culinary program. I will still be traveling back to Los Angeles once or twice a month to keep up tv contacts and continue to work on a few shows that are currently in development. Lastly, call me crazy...but I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll be chosen to participate on "Next Food Network Star." They'll be casting for another month or so, but gosh darnit, I want this one!


Chelsie said...

Kels! I'm so excited that you're moving back to Utah! We all need to get together and go to lunch or dinner or something. I haven't seen you since Lindseys shower! It's been way too long! Good luck on your "final" for school! Looking at your blog always makes me hungry! I should take some of your culinary classes down in SLC. Are you going to be teaching fancy meals or everyday meals? You would be perfect for Next Food Network Star! We'll keep our fingers crossed. Love ya!