Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've swapped out a few things in our apartment this summer to freshen things up and I'm most excited about the new barstools that now fit nicely under our bar. While visiting some friends in Utah I spotted Tolix-like barstools in their house and immediately asked where they came from. Much to my surprise they came from Overstock.com and for a fraction of the cost. They come in both 24" and 30" stools and are a great space saver when stacked. There wasn't a bad review in over 100 reviews and I've jumped on the band wagon. We are really happy with them.

Granted they aren't the true Tolix stools that I long for one day, but they are the perfect touch that I was looking for. They are a little bit contemporary, yet still comfortable and were within my bite size budget. It was my first time ordering from Overstock and the experience was great. Everything ships for just over $2.00 and things arrive quickly.


Jana said...

yay for a good deal! love those stools. they look great and so glad they work in your place.

Anonymous said...

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