Monday, November 16, 2009


Thanks to the lovely stephmodo and Your Heart Out, I had a little feature today. My favorite part was coming up with what my favorites are. I'm clearly a sucker for all things red & robin egg blue. I've decided that red is definitely my power color and the blue softens me up just a bit.

a few favorites

Cookbooks: no one does them better than miss Ina herself (Barefoot Contessa)
Chop: my cuisinart mini-prep is perfect for everything from pico de gallo to chopped cranberries
Flavor: fresh herbs, butter, and kosher salt are staples around here
Cook: le creuset makes long lasting sturdy cookware that is also pretty to look at
Measure: I love my magnetic stackable measuring cups that stay together nicely
Tools: due to lack of space, my cooking tools sit nicely in a ceramic pitcher turned tool holder
Hands: tongs are hands down my favorite tool in my kitchen...literally acting as an extra set of hands


Kelly M said...

I never knew you hate cream cheese- Me Too!! Now I feel a little more justified in not liking it when someone who knows so much about food doesn't like it either! :)

merathon said...

when i read that you like red and robin egg blue, i thought i should tell you that you need to check out this blog:

she is a quilter and designer and often posts lots of pictures (quilts or decorating ideas) in the red and blue family such as this:

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