Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iron Chef White House Style

Any Iron Chef America fans out there? I had the lovely pleasure of being a judge a few months ago for an intense battle and left Kitchen Stadium with a full belly. How about a serious battle at the White House! Be sure to put this one on your calendar. On January 3rd, two pairs of chefs will compete: Cristeta Comerford, the White House executive chef, and Bobby Flay will go up against the combined forces of Mario Batali and Emeril and battle it out in Michelle's garden...where the secret ingredient comes from!
Also, how amazing is her outfit?! I love, love, love it.


Anonymous said...

Which Iron Chef America episode did you judge?

Katrina said...

I love Iron Chef and I am seriously missing having cable. That sounds like an awesome episode!

Emily said...

That sounds awesome, I'll definetly be tuning in :)