Friday, October 9, 2009

a few of my favorite things

It's been a busy week, will be an even busier weekend, and a jam packed week up ahead...but a few short and sweet posts about some of my favorite foodie things of late will be a good way to remind me of why I love all of these cooking schenanigans.

I adore my mini prep food processor. Other than the fact that I love that it is miniature and red, this wonder machine is perfect for making pestos, salsas, purees and small batters. Lately we've been on a late night crepe kick and this is the perfect size for making crepe batter for 2. It's light and easy to store and I simply toss those parts in the dishwasher once I'm finished.


Chelsea said...

I love mine, too! I bet I use it two times each day in preparing meals. I never, ever thought of doing crepes in it, and now I can wait! Thanks!

Julie E. said...

I just ruined my mini chopper... and I miss it! I'll have to look for this cute red one :).