Monday, October 12, 2009

a few more favorites

Anything that has cobbler, crisp, or crumble at the end of it has been a favorite in the kitchen lately. Get this recipe here.
I adore the Martha Stewart kitchen line sold at Macys. I particularly love these melamine bowls. They go through a lot at my place and still look fantastic. I also like opening my cupboards and seeing something so colorful.
This is what I have been dancing around my kitchen in lately. It could use a date with the washing machine after last week.
Okay...this one's a stretch but I thought that I would share anyway. I was a croc hater like so many for years...then I put them on my feet. I've never looked back. I like having a pair of shoes to wear around the apartment when I'm spending the better part of my day in the kitchen and these are gems. So comfortable and "kind of" cute!?
*I also really like the yellow polka dot rug that sits right outside the kitchen*

There you have it...a few more of my foodie favorites as of late.


Valerie said...

I'll have to check those bowls out. I have quite a few bowls, but when I'm baking a lot in one day, I often wish I had a few more.

mbobm said...

i have to admit - i have crocs like that too. so many people HATE crocs but i love them. only true cooks and chefs understand the power of crocs. :)

you are so darling!

Stephanie said...

I have those bowls and love them too. I'm kind of bummed though...I broke the taupe one a few months ago and now I can't decide if I should buy a new set just so they can stack pretty in my cupboard :) So far I've resisted the urge but you never know...if they go on sale I'll be in big trouble.