Monday, October 26, 2009

cook or be cooked

What will they think of next? I think the new Food Network Wii game "Cook or Be Cooked" looks awesome. I've never been much of a "gamer" but food gaming is a whole different story. I mainly just want to see Suzy Fogleson & Bob Tuschman in digital form! I'm also thrilled to see that Mory from the Food Network test kitchens is a character and such a big part of the project. I worked with Mory a few years ago when I was a production assistant on Sandra Lee's show. He is dripping with talent and was so nice to offer some great career advice to a girl who was trying to break into the business.
Anyone in the 10128 area that has a Wii? I might not splurge for the gaming system, but would definitely buy the game and let it live at your house.
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Julie E. said...

How fun! We have Cooking Mama for Wii and love playing that. It'll be fun to compare the two games.