Monday, August 10, 2009


Bonjour! I realize that I have been a bit absent lately. July proved to be much busier than anticipated making it fly by much too quickly. I've also been busy planning a trip to the French Countryside next month. It has become my new part time job...and I love it. (hence the bonjour welcome) I have mental list a mile long of foodie finds that I've been wanting to blog about, but today I want to send you to the most delifghtful blog that I've been glued to lately.

Stephanie is the boss over at Stephmodo and has spent her summer blogging about a cottage that they are rennovating in France in addition to her daily life there. If France interests you at all, you will eat this up. (no pun intended) We will be her first guests at La Maisonette next month and we can hardly wait. I wouldn't be surprised if I fashion an advent calendar chain here within the next few days. The countdown has definitely begun.

Also...please see Julie & Julia. The movie is so enchanting! The only problem with it in my opinion was that it was too short. It may be one of those movies that I actually see multiple times in the theater.
photo: stephanie


Julie said...

I recently saw Julie & Julia (per your recommendation) and loved it! Thanks for the tip sweetie :)