Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sign me up

Remember this classic show? I have fond memories as a 7 year old girl of snagging the miniature grocery carts at the supermarket and pretending to race through the aisles as if I were a lucky contestant on Supermarket Sweep. As a 7 year old grocery fanatic I'm not sure I would have done that well, but today...I'd be quite the contender.

There's nothing like going to 4 different grocery stores in ONE day. That was on my agenda today...not intentionally I assure you. I do enjoy the grocery store, but I also believe in moderation in all things. (and that includes the grocery store!) One bullet on my "To Do" list was to shop for a Greek class that I am teaching tomorrow. One bullet quickly turned to 4 as I hopped from store to store looking for Orzo, Greek Yogurt and Baby Spinach. As I scooted down the aisles at each location I started playing a game in my head.

"Oh...olives are $1.28 here but only $.70 at Macys and $1.02 at Albertsons." I continued this banter with myself item after item and realized that I could tell you the price of lemons and heavy cream at 5 different grocery stores. (all different!) The drive home sent me into reflection mode on my all time favorite game show.

If only it had not been canceled in 2003...I'll keep crossing my fingers for a PBS revival.


Betsy said...

My cousin Julie and I used to watch this at Grandma Egan's house and LOVE it. What a great game show! You would do so well!

meg said...

Oh My Goodness.. please promise me that if it does make it's debut again (don't all great game shows?!) That we will partner up! I use to get SO upset if it was down to the wire... I remember screaming at the TV whatever it was they needed to find - and the person kept running back and forth - like RIGHT in front of the instant coffee or whatever!

Becky said...

i loved this show so much! i used to get so excited about it.