Monday, September 29, 2008

you're invited

Date: September 29, 2008
Time: At your earliest convenience for your viewing pleasure


caitlin said...

oooo i love it! I have a betty crocker's "boy and girls cookbook" from the 50s. so retro, so amazing, so many disgusting images (meatloaf cake with mash potato ice cream scoops on top). this blog is such a good idea.

Chels and Cody said...

Kelsey- I was in your class at thanksgiving point this evening and loved it. I was in the front row, short blonde hair, the youngest one there...etc! It was a blast. Your personality makes the class so much fun, not to mention the yummy recipes! I have a food blog too...nothing too exciting lately because I have been trying a gluten free diet. However, prior to the last 10 posts it was pretty great!

Sammy said...

Kelsey-Sorry this, is off the subject (i DO love your new blog)
My name is sammy speechly oberg I am cousins with lauren and sheena, I look at your blog and i watched you on next foodnetwork star, and i just had a question! I have been married for a bit over a year and i am just dying to go attend classic pastry arts at the french culinary institute in NYC. I believe thats the one you went to? not pastry though, anyway, i just wanted some advice, is it a good idea? now that i'm married and all. my email is thanks

Becky said...

kelsey, I love the new blog. everything is so themed and interesting...even down to the font you are using. I'm adding it to my feed.