Monday, June 1, 2009


Tongs = Essential
I love love love my tongs. If you don't have a set (or two) in your kitchen repertoire, you are missing out. I prefer stainless steel because they will last you for years and are super durable. A good pair feels like an extra set of hands in the kitchen...and who can't use that?!


Betsy said...

So, I don't have tongs. I know. You've seen my "tool" drawer and probably understand that I'm a little overstuffed. Anyway, tell me what you do with them. Not having a pair, and now knowing I need them, I need to know what I need them for. (like any of that made sense.) I'm officially requesting a post listing all the things you personally use tongs for. (Other than pulling corn on the cob out of a hot pot. :))

Ch_d R_gers said...

Hey, Kylie showed me your blog while we were supposed to be doing work in the AdLab. I just wanted to know what brand of tongs you recommend ?