Saturday, February 7, 2009


Do you ever find yourself "google-ing" useless topics and unfulfilled dreams? Well, I have spent a good part of my lazy Saturday researching this useless topic/unfulfilled dream...

Maybe it's because the best candy holiday is just around the corner, or maybe it's because I've always really enjoyed the sweet stuff, or maybe it's because of this experience. Regardless...I can't think of a more fulfilling profession than surrounding myself in sweets and treats and handing them out to happy customers all day.
Robby and I will be in San Fran this upcoming week and I'm sticking this stop on our itinerary. Now I'm off to buy some cinnamon lips and enjoy an afternoon viewing of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.


Kelly M said...

Do you know that the Jelly Belly factory is just a drive out of San Francisco? We considered doing that when we were there two years ago, but then decided not to rent a car so that was out. But I've heard it's a fun and tastey tour!

Adam and Ady said...

Kelsey...So I have a random question. I loved you on Food Network and just happened to run into your blog and have periodically peeked into your blog. One day I clicked on your little sisters and LOVED her pictures that she had on there (I also love photography). I just got on to check out her blog...and of course she has gone private. Do you know if she will send out an invite to a stranger? If so, will you pass my email to her to hopefully have her let me keep peeking in? Thanks!