Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For the past few weeks I've spent a good part of each day sitting on my couch thinking, "there has got to be an idea that I'm not thinking of!" My google search bar has seen phrases like, kitchen consulting, kids cooking programs, sack lunch sales, etc. I just keep thinking to myself that there has to be a food related service or product that Happy Valley is in need of.

I once had the coincidental opportunity of meeting the man who invented the koosh ball. He told me that luck had found him as a man in his early twenties and that he hadn't worked a day since. He was currently on a mission to visit every country in the world. hmmmm

Well, I haven't figured out a great idea yet, but I did find an interesting article this evening highlighting the "Top 10 food and beverage business ideas of 2007." It looks like I may be starting a baby food making business or convincing BYU to add organic vending machines to campus hallways. fat chance. The search will continue...


Chelsie said...

ok kels, i have one for you....make lime rickies in a can or bottle....that way i can stock up...and not have to drive to warrens all the time!! or would the syrup just sink to the bottom...hmm blast. that lemonade looks so good, i'm going to have to give that a try

Alison said...

dear kelsey's kitchen,

this is not related to your post...BUT! where would i find sanding sugar? i mean I live in Salt lake, it's gotta be here somewhere, right?

I love you.



Alison said...

p.p.s. i really like your blog

Kelsey Nixon said...

So sorry I'm getting back to you so late! Sanding Sugar...head to Sur la Table at the Gateway or Orson Gygi. They're sure to have it. I hope you're making something delicious!

p.s. I like your blog too