Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SLC Dining Awards

I recently picked up this gem of a magazine to find the 2008 Dining Awards. I was thrilled to see that Cucina Toscana won this years best restaurant award...this restaurant just happens to be one of my favorites. I've also ventured to Tin Angel and Setebello because of the magazine. Tin Angel offers a dining experience unlike any other in the Salt Lake menu, vintage dishes and flatware, and a bread pudding of the day that had me speechless (mmmmm).

Settebello shines in its authentic pizzas, complete with ingredients imported straight from Italy. I could particularly taste a difference in their crust. So delicious!

The next restaurant on my places to dine is Emms. It's a quaint little place near the capital. Happy Dining!


Jake and Jenna said...

kelsey! it's jenna--i just want to say that i always get the update from julia on how you're doing and i just love you. i'm so excited for you and robby!--let me know how you are. sure love you.

Jake and Jenna said...

kelsey dear,
i don't have your email OR your phone number!--what a bad friend. anyway, i wanted to let you know that we are having dinner group this friday (jana said she would let you know, i hope she has). but it's going to be at my house at 6:30--the theme is cafe rio. if you want to bring anything, we do need someone to bring an appetizer (maybe a yummy cheese dip or salsa?) otherwise, please come! i really want to see you. leave your email address on my blog and i'll email you my address and everything. hope you can come! let me know as soon as you can so i can make sure we'll have enough food!

Jane Palisade said...


This is Abby, your old coug friend! How are you? I live in Buffalo now and just recently someone that knows you in all the random places! I hope things are well, and look us up!


Kelly said...

Hey Kelsey! I found your blog from Betsy's a long time ago- but back when you weren't updating it. I just found you again and am loving it! You're so darling- I can't wait for July!! :)